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Test of Love

October 7, 2015

Test of Love When I first started writing and speaking about Christ, there was nothing that could touch my relationship with my Creator. He was what I desired most and there wasn’t an accolade or a new book deal that could have rivaled my relationship with Him. But I confess it hasn’t always been that way. Because I [...]

Six Steps to Peace in a Relational Storm

October 6, 2015

Six Steps to Peace in a Relational Storm I have a friend who is several weeks into a painful separation from his wife. His home has become a war zone. With their sweet-natured four year old caught in the middle, he finally decided to get an apartment down the street just to give things some time to cool down. It’s a tense, sad [...]

Experience Freedom and Fulfill Your Purpose

October 5, 2015

Experience Freedom and Fulfill Your Purpose At the conferences where I speak, many people tell me they want to be from the fears that hold them back and the doubts that plague them so that they can fulfill God’s plans for their life. Good news! The Bible contains the perfect recipe for this very thing. John 8:32 says, “Then you will [...]

Five Reasons Why You Keep A Personal Budget

October 2, 2015

Five Reasons Why You Keep A Personal Budget I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that if I asked you to make a list of your top 10 favorite things to do, “keep a budget” is not going to be on the list. It may not be in your top 100, either. Of course, brushing your teeth and taking [...]

Are You Praying It Safe?

October 1, 2015

Are You Praying It Safe? There have been seasons of life when I only prayed “popcorn prayers.” I popped them up in traffic, in the shower, or as I ran out the door to work. After some petitions weren’t answered how I desperately hoped—it was easier not to ask for what I truly desired than risk disappointment one more time. [...]

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Secret of Sucess

September 30, 2015

Secret of Sucess When Charlie was growing up his father always told him, “You have to push yourself. Stay positive and work on your weaknesses so you can excel.” Charlie wanted to please his father so he tried to be the best at everything by staying positive and working hard. Sometimes Charlie was happy because he reached his [...]

We Are God’s Design

September 29, 2015

We Are God’s Design Thirty-three. That’s how old I was when I first began to lose my hair. I’m a couple years older now, and I’m nowhere near bald yet, but if the light hits my head just right, and my hair is combed a certain way, you can tell my hair’s a bit thin up top. And I [...]

What Are You Giving Up For Jesus?

September 28, 2015

What Are You Giving Up For Jesus? God recently called me to relocate to a city far from those I love. I am excited about the opportunity to serve, but feel some grief because I have moved many times over the years and being close to family has become more important to me. But I am confident that God is leading me [...]

Are You Trusting God With Your Destiny?

September 25, 2015

Are You Trusting God With Your Destiny? When I was a junior in high school, my cousin Barbi and I drove home together following cheerleading practice. One day as we rambled along a country road toward her home, Barbi sponta­neously and enthusiastically shouted, “Hey! Let’s trade places!” When she started climbing on my shoulders as if we were doing a cheerleading stunt, [...]

God’s Word is Our Trophy

September 24, 2015

God’s Word is Our Trophy It was an early Tuesday morning and as I sat in my home library, I held the Bible in the air and brought it to my lips and kissed it. I didn’t know our middle daughter, Lauren, was watching me lavishly embrace God’s Word. She seemed repulsed and asked, “Dad, what are you doing kissing [...]

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