How Great Thou Art on Drums

December 23, 2013

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Using dozens of drums and percussions, World Outreach Church, with a group called Stikyard, performed one of the most amazing versions of “How Great Thou Art” you will ever hear!

100 Comments to “How Great Thou Art on Drums”

  • TERESA says:

    Amazing Love it . Post more of this. Great. Truly talented bunch of people.

  • Glenda says:

    Beautiful Amazing love it very unique. Would love to see more. Very talented group.

  • Debor says:


  • Cynthia says:

    A friend of mine posted this on Face Book and I am blessed because of it. Chills and tears – truly amazing. They “made a joyful noise unto the Lord.” Thank you!

  • Alice says:

    Indeed! A joyful noise unto the Lord… and HE enjoyed it! I’m very sure!

  • Karen says:

    Absolutely love it!

  • Nancy says:

    So beautiful! These artists are truly worshipping. A friend posted this on Facebook, I would love to hear more. Especially appreciate that the are “taking time off to enjoy their families.” Bravo!

  • Karen says:

    Wow and OMG!!!! I love this song no matter how its done but this was amazing!!! Thank you.

  • Altie says:

    Truly wonderful. I would love to know where I could get a recording of this.

  • Rose says:

    This is so beautiful.Hopefully you will come to Springfield,Mo . Sometime soon.

  • Joyce says:

    best I ever heard – really enjoyed ut

  • Marlene says:

    Absolutely breath taking. Great Job. I would like to download it on my phone and play it as I workout if it’s possible. Let me know. Thanks

    • Hi, Marlene.

      Thanks for stopping by! We’re glad you like this video. We embedded on our site from Youtube, so there isn’t any way to download it. If you are interested, I would suggest doing some research to contact the creators if you would like a copy.

      Blessings to you!

    • Dustin says:

      if you have an apple phone download imusic and search this then press download on this video and u can play it whenever you want

  • Jan says:

    This OF THE LORD! How great thou Art , How great you are to drum up his praise. My sweet Julie @ my office brought you to my attention …. Wonderful !

  • Anne says:

    Just awesome. Wonderful!

  • Carol says:


  • Tom says:

    Wow! Inspirational. Thank you christie.

  • Brenda says:

    that was so awesome I had chills listening to How Great Thou Art.

  • Laura says:

    I have heard this song a million times and sang it a million times, I LOVE THIS !!!!!! Thank you all! I Needed this so much tonight! Thank you and Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherie says:

    Thank you to everyone in the group for using your giftedness to glorify the Lord. I was so moved watching the group playing the drums what an exquisite form of worship! Blessings to all…..

  • Becky says:

    The drumming was audio-ed too little and the vocals too much. I thought I was going to feel and HEAR the drumming. Oh well.

  • elaine says:

    don’t often take time to listen on the computer but this is awesome. That verse–When Christ shall come–made me stop & pray for the many on my prayer list that don’t know Christ and how that day will be such tragedy for them–to be eternally separated from God. tears..

  • Jenny says:

    I’d really like to know more about what that performance was? What were the framed pictures hanging above the stage that were illuminated at the end? And the word “EXTRAORDINARY?” Referring to what? Just curious.

  • Sharon says:

    Fanastic! God is good!!

  • Don says:

    Great to hear classic hymns done is fresh, dynamic arrangements!!!

  • eldiva says:

    will be listening to this many times– so beautiful!

  • Delores says:

    Wow! Are songs such as this available on CD or for download?

  • Janet says:

    This video has great symbolism & story telling in the staging/choreography and with the instruments. Christian arts done right! Okay, …I know there is no right or wrong in the theatre arts… just effective and ineffective. ALL these artists including, stager/choreographer, performers, light crew, sound crew, camera crew & stage manger are VERY effective in communicating the song’s significant story. I see these artists have chosen excellence to share God’s message.

  • ann says:

    what a beautiful rendition of my favourite song and I love it…keep up good music….

  • Janet says:

    Can a person buy this some where? Just AWESOME!!!!!!! I would love to have a copy so it can be played at my funeral when the time comes.

  • Paul says:

    Love it. Thank You Jesus

  • Semachiah says:


    Great rendering but what is really amazing is that you were able to find that many percussionist, WOW!

  • Joan says:

    Awsome !! Our God is surely a great God

  • Sheri says:

    This was just FANTASTIC!!!!! Loved it. Would like to know more about the group. Never heard of them before. God truly good.

  • Paul says:

    Very Nice song especially in drums

  • patricia graham says:

    how do I get a dvd of how great thou art with the drums. awesome.

  • Semachiah says:


    For those of you asking for more. There are two DVD’s available at the groups website –

  • Becky says:


  • Patricia says:

    Wonderful, I would love for my grandson to see this. Will share with Him.

  • Semachiah says:

    Shalom Becky,

    You will have to contact the group at and ask them what is played on each of the DVD’s. The website does not provide that information.

  • Willie says:

    Very well done. First time I heard this played this way .

  • Phyllis says:

    Amazing very beautiful well done

  • bonnie says:

    this is totally awesome. These people are sooooo good. would love to hear more of there work.

  • Robert says:

    I am torn with this. I don’t want people to get the wrong impression because I have been pushing to do these things for years with percussion and other productions but can never get support for it. I am glad and disappointed with this.
    I am glad that the church actually took a bold step and did this. It should have been done by many churches years ago but their is always an opposition to it.
    God bless the church for doing this.
    On the other hand it is disappointing from a trained percussionist point of view. I am rudimentally trained, can teach drum lines and percussionist and was working toward a major in music. I also have some background in sound. Most of the drums are not mixed in. I noticed that many of the drummers are not in sync which causes problems with sound. I can tell the snare drummers playing traditional are not trained to play at all and are off when playing. Seeing so many drummers off tempo may be part of the reason why so much of the drums was not mixed.
    Most people do not see this sadly. So much work needs to be done. I wish churches, mainly music ministers would understand that drums are an instrument too but you need professional help on stuff like this and months of training. Music ministers are not educated in this and do not understand how to do this properly, I can tell this was more for a wow factor.
    I want people to praise God and enjoy it but it takes dedication and work, just like reading God’s word everyday and living it takes dedication and work. This goes for praise productions, we are so behind in churches in doing a professional production.
    Keep working at it whoever did this work. Your in the right path but it still needs work. I will not be responding most likely to any posts.
    God bless you.

  • Cecilia says:

    How Awesome. great job! God is awesome

  • Karen says:

    Wow, WOw, WOW!!! Awesome!!!! Love it!!!!!

  • Sue says:

    I really love this song and the performance! I was, however, disappointed with the arrangement. It seems a shame to take so much away from the original score to “make it your own.”

  • Carolyn says:

    This was beautiful, as i listened this morning the song has brought alot of joy in my Heart. The ones who took time to get this together is certainly God Sent!!! Thanks so much for making my day . God sends us these wonderful spirited and talented people in our lives to make a difference . Thank You Lord

  • Kim says:

    Beautiful and uplifting! Would like to see more. Is there any on DVD or for download?

  • Nam Marine says:

    How awesome is our God !……………..”How Great thou art” !

  • Donna says:

    AMAZING! All our talents may be used to glorify God.

  • Sandra says:

    How great thou are indeed! Beautifully performed…I would love to hear more of them. You never know which way it would bring a new believer into our church homes.

  • Deana says:

    Beautiful, uplifiting, and truly “How Great Thou Art!”

  • Claudia says:

    These people are amazing, I cheered when they started rolling out the big drums! I hope they come out west sometime!

  • Gordon says:

    I liked the drums, but not the singing, but then I am 80 years old!

  • June Dwojak Clarke says:

    I loved the drums and the singing maybe because I am under 80 or because I though it spoke to my senses.

  • Joseph says:

    These guys brought tears to my eyes. I love music and I love the Lord. I would love to hear and see these guys do more.

  • Stephen says:

    Wonderful!!!!! How can I get it? I’m a DJ…

  • Wonderful ,Dolores says:

    LOVE THE MUSIC and wonderful messages they ALL bring !

    • Mary says:

      They were so amazing. It was beautiful. I loved it. Do you have a cd with their songs on it? Thanks so much for sharing. May God continue to bless them all.

  • Margaret says:


  • Marilyn says:

    “Beautiful” loved it~~~~~would listen to it over and over!!!

  • sandy says:


  • Don says:

    I. Loved. It. very good

  • Peggy from the Netherlands says:

    Awesome way praising God with your talent and everything that is within you… Always look for new ways to enjoy praising and celebrating … It brought tears in my eyes to see you glorifying God in a new way… love it …be blessed …

  • marie says:

    that was awsome

  • glenda says:

    Loved the group, and the different version. Especially moved by the youth albeit they are in there twenty’s probably. I really enjoyed them.

  • Martha says:

    All I can say is WOW!!!!

  • barbara says:

    this was amazingly beautiful it made my spine shiver. great job

  • Sharon says:

    I loved this version with all the percussions!!

  • Gail says:

    It was awesome! And to think I know the mother-in-law of one of the drummers! How amazing!

  • robert r says:


  • Bonnie says:

    Favorite hymn of both of my late parents. Music has been my life and I intend to have this hymn done at my Memorial Service when I go to the Lord. This arrangement is truly AMAZING!!!

  • Jan says:

    This was an awesome rendering of such a powerful song. God is cheering these young people on and the beat of the drums is the beat of His heart for us. How Great Thou Art is from our heart that love Him and surrendered to the love He offers through his Son Jesus Christ. Feel the beat of Gods Heart and follow the steps he asks us to take.
    We each are given a special talent only God can give and to see these young people not ashamed to use that talent is a thrill and how creative our God is just look around and see and listen to his creation creating back to Him the love they have for Him.

  • BuzGuy says:

    Thank you very much! I will be sending this to my Catholic Parrish Priest, Father James Paisley at St Theresa’s Church in Shavertown, PA. Father Paisley is a fine musician and singer in his own right and he occasionally honors us wit a special performance during mass. I and the other parishioners just love the inspirational messages we get every Sunday from him although we are lately having to share him with a junior parish which he has has to take under his wing because of parish consolidations in our area. Nevertheless, It is my genuine hope that e will listen to this and that through your work I can but repay our Father Paisley in a small way for all the great inspirational music as well the wonderful Homilies he has shared with us over the years.
    BuzGuy Giordano

  • dorsey says:

    the music is fantastic.

  • bev says:

    hank you for sharing especially on this night when all of us in the USA need to remember it is the Lord who is great..not sitting in the white house. Thank you again. Sure miss ya.

  • Nanny says:


  • Wynn says:

    Great music. One of my favorite songs.

  • Brenda says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Marva says:

    This rendition of “How Great Thou Art” blew me away!!!!! WOW!!! These sounds kept all the way from earth into the Throne Room of Heaven. To God be the glory!!! Hallelujah.

  • Marva says:

    How majestic and glorious is this rendition of “How Great Thou Art”!!! I can imagine the sound waves reverberating from earth to the Throne Room of Heaven. I’m sure that there is great rejoicing in heaven.

  • Edna says:

    I could lestin to this all day I’ts a blessing. Wish I could buy their music CD or DVD. ??

  • Mario says:

    * * * It’s a BLESSING to SHARE this PRECIOUS video BIBLE Verse SONG to all MANKIND (Genesis 5:2, Gen.1:26-28, 1 Thess. 5:23, LUKE 1:46-47, Hebrews 4:12-13)…

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    And they do not rest day or night, saying:
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    “(Holy, Holy, Holy,*Lord GOD Almighty)
    Who was and is and is to come!”
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    who lives forever and ever,
    …… (Repeat CHORUS (1)

    10 the twenty-four elders fall down before Him
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    …………..CHORUS (2)……….
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    .Bb………..C ……….D
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    8b Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord GOD Almighty
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  • madalyn says:

    i love it ! He art great ! <3

  • James says:

    I loved this performance of one of my favorite worship songs. At the end, I wonder how many people were cheering for the performance, and how many were cheering for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the creator of all. Some applauded as spectators, and some joined as fellow worshipers. Similarly, some were performing to an audience of One, and some to an audience of thousands. I have been in both places. I have worshiped, and I have performed, and I have been both a spectator and a participant. As the blood of Jesus broke my bonds and the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to His love for me when I was still in the muck, I became a worshiper, abandoning the cares of what the spectators think. God will draw those who worship in Spirit and Truth to Himself through His only Son, Yeshua (Jesus) and the spectators will wish they had bowed the knee earlier. Abandon the self fulfillment of entertainment and step into full worship with a Hallel to Yah. He is worthy.

  • Valerie says:

    Amazing and so beautifully played and sung! Thank you!!! More please!!

  • Roger says:

    How can I receive this DVD

  • Doug says:

    Some amazing talent, and I thank you for posting this for public consumption, but some of the promotions are not God honoring. My life needs to be more God honoring as well. Forgive us Father for we know not what we do.

  • Rudolph says:

    Fantastic…….sure the Lord was pleased with such a homage

  • Stephen says:

    How great thou art pro tools! Sadly the state of the music biz today. Bunch of people looking good, and playing nothing.

  • Leslie says:

    This was amazing to see & hear it done this way. Yall did an amazing job. God is good. It brought tears to my eyes to have the holy sprit be moved.
    I look forward to hearing lots more.
    Thank You & GOD Bless everyone.
    God is Awsome !!!!!!

  • Evelyn says:

    That is the most amazing percussion piece I have ever heard. I think it pleased our Heavenly Father.. Most percussion pieces assume the audience and God are deaf. Thankks a million.

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